Each season offers us the tremendous possibility to explore landscapes in a very connected and open way. Nature is very healing and in this mad fast world full of instant gratification and technology it is the perfect balancer for well-being. Exploring with an attitude of openness is very freeing and gives one a sense of being connected to something greater than yourself.

In nature, the plants and trees etc, have so much character and so much to say that once you begin an exploration in such a way (even if you feel you can’t draw) your perspective and outlook will deepen and change.

Here I have been exploring trees.


Seed heads are another lovely subject to explore!


Next workshop coming for “Opening to Landscapes” will be January 2021. Dates and prices etc to be announced. A gentle walk with cameras, notebooks and ending in a cafe for coffee and cake.

All based around Stratford Upon Avon area. If you would like more information, please contact me here.