Sue’s Thoughts

I have been a painter for over 20 years and I’m still learning all the time, expressing life through my connection to nature. I love it and its such a wonderful thing to do.  However crafts and the arts never make a living because it has been devalued.
My heart goes out to all artists be it potters, sculptures, writers, poets, wood turners etc.  For in general due our throw away society i.e. lets buy more we do not value the love,skill and time taken in making hand made products. We can easily buy mass produced stuff to fit in with our decor, garden or wardrobe. The sad thing is each hand made piece is alive etc. Yes alive!! this is because love is an energy that never dies and stays present in everything, the poem, the sculpture, the hand made dress etc. Machine and mass produced stuff has a different frequency that of greed… how much can we make. It may be aesthetically pleasing but essentially it is dead. A small gift handmade has much more to say than something off the internet that anyone can buy.

The Power of Colour

Colour has the power to transcend words to higher awareness. light, colour and sound equals Frequencies. The problem is we have focused on developing our mind and excluded emotional intelligence. This is why creative and highly aware people struggle with academia. Flowers especially for example carry a frequency that transmits to us an organic understanding about life through the sense of smell. Colour light and sound are the building blocks of the human consciousness. Each frequency emits a certain vibration which can affect your feelings, thoughts and even your physical body. Having trained in these areas and worked in this field for over 20 years I love to share this in my art and also still offer consultations.
The poppy here is often remembered for death ie. Remembrance Sunday. However it has a greater potential for life force energy…………. if you believe life exists beyond this earth.
My work can be given as gifts of love, happiness,celebration and empathy. Here the poppies vibrant in life force are displayed in a ready made frame.

Giant Hogweed

I love seed heads there is something very magical about them, and so I have been drawn to creating a giant hogweed.
I know in the past many of you like to see the journey of a painting all the way through…so here we go.
Stage 1. Pencil sketch first. I don‘t always do that but with so many seed heads it would be difficult to cut out in watercolour,
Stage 2. Applying blue masking fluid to the seed heads so that when I have finished my painting I can remove it and retain the white of the paper,
Stage 3. Applying my first wash.

Giant Hogweed

Stage 4. Created another wash to get a feel of atmosphere and in some places depth. Adding salt for texture and a quick wash of colour to the bird in the foreground to give shape and form

Giant Hogweed

Stage 5. Added some more contrast in foreground . Built up the bird and removed the masking fluid off the seeds. Now the work begins!

Giant Hogweed

Final Stage…. put in some suggestion of grasses, more outline of hogweed, added some more seeds. I was going to go very detailed with the seed head but decided to keep it light and whimsical! Hope you enjoyed the journey ❤️

Framed Card – Mr Finch

All cards are sourced from trees from sustainable Forests and the film covers are totally biodegradable, They make for great gifts in ready made frames.

At last time to Play

Trying a landscape purely from my imagination not my usual colours so who knows what it will be like and what happens! This has had two washes on so far.