Sue Asha Art



Sue has always had an interest in colour and noticed very early in life how it can affect moods, atmospheres and one’s sense of well-being.

Having trained in the healing arts including colour therapy and art therapy, painting became a natural companion. She finds her inspiration comes mainly through nature and loves the play of light on trees and water.

Her approach is not to be ‘pushy and controlling’ in exploring art, rather allowing the paint or medium to speak and underpinning that with certain disciplines. In this way one can relax and enjoy the journey. It becomes a meditation. In this deep immersion you can loose yourself completely and experience a magic within.

She lives near Stratford Upon Avon where she runs the odd workshop and courses from time to time and works on commissions. Exhibiting privately, her work can also be seen through open gardens and Stratford Upon Avon Art Society.