Sue Asha Art


Sue has always had an interest in colour and noticed very early in life how it can affect moods, atmospheres and one’s sense of well-being.

Her approach is not to be ‘pushy and controlling’ in exploring art rather allowing the paint or medium to speak and underpinning that with certain disciplines. In this way one can relax and enjoy the journey. It becomes a meditation.


Next workshop coming for “Opening to Landscapes” late 2020. Dates and prices etc to be announced. A gentle walk with cameras, notebooks and ending in a cafe for some coffee and cake.

All based around Stratford Upon Avon area. If you would like more information, please contact me here.


Opening to Landscapes

Each season offers us the tremendous possibility to explore landscapes in a very connected and open way. Nature is very healing and in this mad fast world full of instant gratification and technology it is the perfect balancer for well being. Exploring…

Mindful Sketchbooks

Since early man and the time of cave paintings, mark making, and drawing has been a natural expression of humans depicting their life and emotions. Mindful sketchbooks bring us into the present moment, when we surrender to this, we become absorbed in the process and...